When an individual feel they have a family history of varicose veins and they are getting it now or whether they want to get a diagnosis it would be wise to visit the doctor after making an appointment. The doctor would do a physical exam and would ask some questions like whether legs ache or if there is any pain. An ultrasound test would assist in finding out the function of veins as in whether these are functioning normally or not. Finding out blood clot is also possible with the help of an ultrasound test. Usually, treatment for varicose veins does not require a very long stay at the hospital. It is important to find a good doctor and find all the relevant and required questions. A good doctor would suggest the best possible procedure keeping in view age and overall condition of the patient.

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Information about Vein Removal Procedures

There are different vein removal procedures but the most common is Sclerotherapy.


A solution is used in this particular procedure, which scars and closes the affected veins; however, this procedure is suitable for small and medium-sized varicose veins. Treated veins would fade in a few weeks.

Laser Surgery

This is a modern procedure and would not need cuts or needles of any kind. In laser surgery, a doctor would use strong bursts of light to treat the varicose veins. It is suitable for spider veins as well. It is a good idea to discuss the option with the doctor and find out more information on what to expect from this particular procedure. Technology is playing a vital role in making human life better and it is important to get maximum information on the benefits and side effects of the relevant procedure. If a particular procedure, for example, laser surgery seems like a lucrative option it is wise to search the relevant information, watch tutorials, and read on what other patients have to say. There would be tons of success stories or otherwise available online, which would give a fair idea about a certain procedure.

Endovenous Ablation Therapy

In this particular procedure, the doctor for closing the varicose veins would use radio waves or laser. It is important to keep in mind that during this particular procedure, a patient is likely to be awake. Initially, the doctor would numb the area around the vein. Next, there would be an incision on the skin in order to insert a tube inside it. This particular tube has a device, which would generate heat and it would close the vein. A patient after getting this particular procedure can go home the very same day. It is important to ask for details from the doctor who would suggest this kind of procedure. A doctor is the best source for getting the relevant information as he or she is the one who is going to perform the procedure. Before making an appointment, it is wise to go through the official website of the clinic or doctor and find a list of frequently asked questions. Get information from the frequently asked questions and note down any new questions in mind in order to ask the doctor during the appointment.

Endoscopic Vein Surgery

In this particular procedure, a small camera is used with a tiny tube. However, it is important to keep in mind that this procedure is required in advanced cases when other techniques are of no use. The doctor would remove veins through small incisions. A person who is getting endoscopic vein surgery would need this particular procedure in case of leg ulcers and would be able to go back to normal routine in a couple of weeks.


This particular procedure is quote similar to sclerotherapy as evident from the name as well. However, it is suitable for smaller varicose veins. It would make use of smaller needles in comparison.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

This particular procedure is less complicated. It would remove the varicose veins, which are close to the surface of the skin of the individual. A doctor would use small cuts to remove the veins after numbing the area. It is important to keep in mind that the patient getting this procedure would be awake during the procedure and he or she would be able to go home the very same day.

Vein Stripping and Litigation

It is a complicated procedure and anesthesia would be given to the patient, which means that he or she would not be awake during the procedure. After making cuts in the skin, the doctor would remove the veins after tying them off. However, in some cases, the doctor is likely to leave saphenous vein behind, which might be important in case of heart bypass surgery. The recovery time for this particular procedure is likely to be 1 to 4 weeks.

Benefits of Getting Vein Removal Procedure

Given below are some of the benefits of getting the vein removal procedure:

Better Self-Esteem: Patients before getting the procedure might have an impact on their self-esteem as varicose veins have a worm-like appearance. Getting the procedure means better self-esteem for the person who has varicose veins previously. There would not be a need to feel uneasy with the appearance once it gets better.

Less Pain: Some patients might be feeling pain in their legs because of the varicose veins, which means that after getting the most suitable procedure there, is likely to be less pain or maybe none. However, it would be best to ask the doctor about what to expect after the procedure.

Better Mobility: An individual can expect better mobility after getting mist suitable procedure; however, ask the doctors on what to expect after the relevant procedure.

Better Sleep: People who find it tough to sleep better at night because of varicose veins would be able to sleep better.

It is important to understand the procedure before making the final decision and for that purpose, consulting a good doctor is very important.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you expect from Sclerotherapy procedure?

This is the most common procedure for treating small and medium-sized varicose veins. There would be a need to inject the affected vein few more time with a period of four to six weeks; however, this particular procedure would not require anesthesia and it is possible in the doctor’s office as well. It is likely to be effective provided that the doctor has performed it correctly, which is why it is very important to find a good doctor.

How do you find a good doctor?

People living in Ventura would need to search Vein Removal Ventura, as a keyword in the search engine and the list is likely to be available. Going through list would be a good idea. Read reviews and visit the official website to find more about a certain doctor. Apart from that, it would be a good idea to ask friends, family members, and colleagues.

Which procedure is most suitable for you?

There are different options available and a doctor would be able to suggest the best possible procedure. There are different factors, which a doctor would consider when deciding the best treatment for a patient. Age and overall health condition of the patient are very important. It also depends on the condition of varicose veins as well. Based on different factors, a doctor would suggest the best option; however, it would be a good idea to ask the doctor on details of the relevant procedure as it would give an idea on what to expect from it.

Who is most likely to get Varicose Veins?

It is a genetic and therefore, having information about family history is important. However, it is quite common and affects many people but women are most likely to get varicose veins. It sometimes occurs in pregnancy; however, it is likely to disappear in 12 months. It is important to watch out for the weight gain during pregnancy.

How do you prevent getting Varicose Veins?

Having a healthy lifestyle is a key to avoid any issues in life. With proper management of weight, having healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, elevating legs, not sitting for too long, not standing for too long, and many more such things, a person would be able to prevent Varicose Veins. However, there is likely to be no guarantee but as it is said, that prevention is better than cure there is no harm in taking appropriate preventive measures. Apart from that, compression stockings are common and it would be a good idea to try those as well.

What questions you can ask the doctor?

The appointment would be limited and thus, it is important to prepare a list of important questions in advance, such as what is the cause for my symptoms, what tests are important for the procedure. Moreover, questions like how the affected veins would be treated, what treatment is suitable for me, how can I manage varicose veins, how do I get more information, and so much more. It is wise to prepare the questions in advance and get the most form a single appointment.

What questions to expect from the doctor?

A doctor might ask some questions as well, such as when you first realized you have varicose veins, extent of pain if any, anything improving or worsening symptoms, and there are likely to be other questions, which would depend on the doctor as well.

Is laser surgery a good option?

A doctor would be able to suggest whether laser surgery is the best option. Some people might prefer laser surgery; however, it would depend on the condition of the patient.

What do you expect after procedures?

It is important to keep in mind that whatever procedures, a doctor decide, as the most suitable option would treat the current varicose veins. There are chances that new varicose veins may develop, there would be a need to treat them as well, and a doctor would be able to diagnose and suggest better. There could be side effects after some procedures such as skin color might change, there could be a pain, there is likely to be bruising, and swelling. Vein stripping and litigation procedure might cause side effects that are more serious. There are likely to be complications like the formation of blood clot, scarring, infection, and severity of pain may increase. There would be a need to wear the compression stocking after the procedure and a doctor might use the elastic bandages after the procedure for wrapping the leg of the patient. It is important to ask relevant instructions from the doctor, which would be important to follow. Ask about exercise as in which would be most suitable to do especially after the procedure. Inactivity is not favorable as a patient might develop a blood clot and thus exercise would be of great help. After getting the procedure, it is important to watch for weight gain and try to reduce excess weight. It would be important to exercise on regular basis and maintaining a healthy lifestyle would be great. It would be wise to avoid wearing tight clothes especially if there is a family history of developing varicose veins. There would be chances of developing new varicose veins even after the treatment of old ones and thus taking preventive measures would be a good idea.

Finding a good doctor in the era of modernization and information technology has become quite easier thanks to the power of the internet. All one need to do is use the search engine on finding the relevant and required information. For example, people residing in Ventura would need to use keyword Vein Removal Ventura and a list would appear. It would be wise to read the relevant reviews, which are left by past customers or patients. However, it is important to be sure that the reviews are genuine. Reading reviews would give an idea on the services of a certain doctor. Dr. Zadeh is likely to provide some information on the relevant procedures and it would be a good idea to find more information through the internet and visiting the official website.